Watermelon Chiller

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Here’s a summer setting to consider: You’re reclining on a chair in the yard and the sun is beating down — you’re in your shades getting your tan on, and all that’s missing is a refreshing beverage and maybe a snack or two.

This is the perfect drink for days on the patio. For part two of our Mexican themed recipe series (here’s part one) we have a sweet two ingredient mix for a tasty frozen blended beverage. It’s refreshing, delicious, and there’s no added sugar!


- Half of 1 small/medium watermelon (make sure you wash it before you cut into it)

- Approximately 1 cup of Absolut Vanilla vodka (I use Absolut because there is only natural flavouring added and no sugar)


1. Cut watermelon in half.

2. Cut the watermelon into smaller pieces.

3. Peel the watermelon.

4. Cut the watermelon into cubes.

5. Place the watermelon pieces into a plastic container that has a lid, and pour 1 cup of vodka over the pieces.

6. Place the container in the freezer for about 4 hours.

7. When the watermelon is frozen, remove it from the freezer and shake the container.

8. Pour the contents into a blender and blend at high speed until smooth.

Pour contents into small glasses, garnish with a cucumber and serve immediately. If you use half of a watermelon it should make four-six servings. If you’re not going to serve it all immediately, blend only a portion of the mix and put the remainder back in the freezer.

The drinks paired with a jicama cucumber snack are a great combination for a sunny day.

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