Local restaurant food facts

Want to watch your calories but don’t want to get off the couch? A new online tool lets you check the nutritional information for local restaurants from the comfort of your computer.

Elena Usdenski, a masters student at Brescia University College, created the tool with Len Piche, professor of nutritional sciences at Brescia, using information from 26 restaurants in the London area.

The website uses a Google Maps template with numbers overlaid to show the locations of 26 restaurants in the London area.

The website also lists restaurant features like wheelchair accessibility and whether or not they offer halal meals.

“We contacted the head offices for the franchises of the restaurant to see if they wanted to join the website. For privately-owned restaurants, we offered to offer three of their signature dishes for free,” Piche explained.

The launching of this website coincides with the proposed legislation dictating restaurants with over $5 million in sales per year must disclose the calorie content for items on their menus.

“Everything seen on the website [is] verified by the restaurateurs,” Piche added.

To check out the tool, visit brescia.uwo.ca/london_restaurant_info.