University Students’ Council and Western Gazette agree on plan for future discussions

This evening the University Students’ Council President, Adam Fearnall and the Gazette Editor-in-Chief, Gloria Dickie met to continue discussions about the allocation of student-owned space on the 2nd floor of the University Community Centre. The discussion produced an understanding that will allow both parties the opportunity to engage in a process to determine an office space layout that will serve both the Gazette and students-at-large.

The USC President and the Gazette Editor-in-Chief have agreed to the following steps to ensure that all voices are heard:

  • The USC will hold further consultations with Western’s student faith leaders to determine if moving the Gazette office is in the best interest of their students
  • The Western Gazette will provide the USC with a written submission detailing the impacts that office space re-allocation will have on the paper’s operations and ability to maintain editorial autonomy
  • The USC and the Western Gazette commit to an open discussion about office space allocation at the USC Finance Committee and USC General Assembly
  • The USC and the Western Gazette commit to an open dialogue to address relations between the  Gazette and its publisher

“I was pleased that we were able to make progress on these important issues. Students rely upon the Gazette and the USC to sustain a strong student voice on campus. Students are better served by a relationship of mutual respect between our two organizations,” said USC President Adam Fearnall.

“I’m eager to pursue further consultation with the parties involved in this decision, and hope these steps will allow for a fair assessment of the needs of both groups”, said Western Gazette Editor-in-Chief Gloria Dickie.

Leading up to the USC’s budget approval in March of 2013, the two parties will work together to ensure that this aspect of the USC’s annual budget fairly and accurately represents the values and beliefs of Western’s student body.