• AnotherNother

    During a brief stint looking at mental boosters in the health food store, and after having found a noticeable improvement in my focus when I was using fish oils and B12 supplements, I started using L-Theanine; a little drug with zero side effects and great improvements in not only focus but with my mood.

    In turn I moved to using choline and piracetam. The research on piracetam seems to show that there are zero side effects, but of course this one is more experimental. The boost I felt from Piracetam was excellent to say the least, and my memory improved incredibly, and similar to how that female posited about aderral giving her an all night ability for studying, piracetam did that same.

    Now, my point of this is not to glorify herbal and synthetic alternatives to focus drugs, but that there are safe (theanine) and experimental (piracetam) and legal alternatives should you choose to look for mental performance boosters,