Roundup: City councillor drops N-bomb in council meeting

UPDATE: Shortly after this post was published, Councillor White issued this apology in a media release: “I want to apologize to everyone I have offended, and all Londoners. I am sincerely sorry. I should not have said what I said under any circumstances and I especially want to apologize to my fellow council members and those who were in attendance at the Council Meeting. There is no justification or excuse for my behaviour.”

Roundup: City councillor drops N-bomb in council meeting

Our roundup of the latest social media firestorm to erupt in #ldnont, over Councillor Sandy White”s controversial choice of words last night.

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At a meeting of London City Council yesterday, councillor Sandy White dropped jaws when she used the “N-word” in an impassioned speech detailing her reasons for resigning from the London Transit Commission.

White resigned over her disapproval of an ad appearing on the side of LTC buses for Virgin Radio, similar to the one below, calling it sexist and offensive.


White was frustrated at the disapproval with which her decision had been met:

“When someone said to me […] ”Sandy, the children like it,” I went, I”m done. That”s enough. They like drugs, they like alcohol, they like a lot of things, and do we put that on the side of a bus? But if I were to use words like nigger, oh, then it would have made sense. Or if we would have put the man”s penis on the side of the bus? Oh, then it would have made sense. So I”m just asking you to have some respect, and accept this.”

You can listen to the full audio here:

City Council Clip (March 5, 2013) – Sandy White by mtrevithickAudio from City Council (March 5, 2013) where Sandy White used the n-word during her talk about her resignation from the London Transit b…

Within minutes, Twitter got hold of the news, and before long it was open season for #ldnont.

Katy Perry dressing as she did in the ad is Sexist, and oppressive, but a white person saying the #NWord isn”t. Way to go Sandy. #LDNontSonia Mortensen
Correct me if I”m wrong, but I believe #SandyWhite”s comments are exponentially more offensive than Katy Perry boobs. #LdnOntAdam Trueman
Sandy White: Offended by Katy Perry”s whipped-cream-cans, but not of saying the n-word during council #ldnontMatt Trevithick
For what it”s worth, I don”t believe Sandy White is a racist. I do believe she”s shown embarrassingly poor judgement. #ldnontCraig Needles
The anger/outrage/fury is entirely justified against Sandy White. No doubt about it. She lost any and all credibility. #LDNOnt @promojoshMatt Hopkins
The only other wacky thing that could happen is Sandy White does a Harlem Shake video; thinks its still timely. #ldnont #CrazyThingsComeIn3Jeff Kelly
White was urged to retract her comments later in the meeting, but declined to do so. She said she used the word for shock value at the suggestion of her daughter, who is black. Later that night, however, White apologized, but defended her motivations to CTV.
London councillor uses N-wordNews video from London Ontario and around the world. Live breaking news, national news, sports, business, entertainment, health, politics…
It seems that White”s apology, however, was too little too late—the story has since been picked up by several news outlets outside of London, including one national paper (so far).
Now reporting on Sandy White”s N-bomb: Canada”s biggest newspaper, @TorontoStar … Good grief. #ldnontPat Maloney
Some tweeters, though, tried to defend White on the basis of the context of her remarks, insisting that although the word she used may have been racist, the way in which she used it was not.
Of course people are focussing on what word Sandy White used instead of what she is talking about #twistitandmakenews #ldnont #modernnewsMatPooney
Sandy White: Point made in #LdnOnt People get on high horse if N word used, but its OK to exploit womenBilly Stewart
So, does context matter? Or is it wrong to use racial slurs regardless of the circumstances? Let us know in the comments.

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