Brescia principla reappointed

Colleen Hanycz has been the principal at Brescia University College since 2008. Last week, she was reappointed by the school’s Council of Trustees for a second term.

“I have almost completed five years at Brescia, and there are many exciting projects that are just beginning now, so having the opportunity to spend four more years at this institution is a real privilege and an honour,” Hanycz said.

Such projects will include the development of a new residence and dining pavilion, new academic programs and increased international awareness of the campus.

The process of appointing and reappointing principals is undertaken by Brescia’s Council of Trustees, who perform annual reviews for their employees, often bringing in staff, faculty and students to speak their minds.

“Some reviews were full 360-degree reviews where students, staff and faculty were invited to meet with the head of our Council of Trustees,” Hanycz recalled.

Hanycz said she was particularly excited to be able to continue working with students at Brescia.

“The best aspect about working at Brescia is having the privilege of serving the women we serve here as our students,” Hanycz said. “They are exceptional young women, they are dynamic, they are engaged, they are committed to leadership and they are committed to making this community better.”

“To me, being able to work alongside these women, and see them grow truly inspires me and convinces me that our future is in very good hands.”