Letter: An editorial dilemma

Re: A digital dilemma, April 13, 2013

 To the Editor:

I recently read an editorial in The Gazette entitled “A digital dilemma” and am very upset with the misinformation presented.

The author of this article failed to realize that the petition is specifically for those enrolled in the software engineering department, not the whole faculty, and very few of their points regarding the value of paper copies are valid.

“With an […] English paper, online submission makes sense. But in some […] courses, complex symbols, charts and graphs within assignments may be difficult to create on the computer.” It’s true that it depends on the faculty, but this fails to mention that the petition is specifically for software, and that there is never really a situation where it is easier to do a hand written hard copy—as all of our work is done on a computer.

The author also states, “When handing in a physical assignment, the transaction of the submission is more secure. The student is forced to bring the paper to class, and the professor sees the student submit it.” But within the software faculty assignments are typically submitted to a locker, not directly to a teacher, making it no more secure than a digital copy.

The author fails to realize that the petition is very faculty-specific, and I believe that the tone of the article could be detrimental to the petition—the goal of which is to improve the quality of education in software engineering.

— Jeff Cotou

Software engineering II

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