Letter: Postal outlet needs to stay

To the Editor:

I am writing to in support of the University Students’ Council Canada Post outlet to stay open in 2014 and beyond.

During my visit to the post outlet, I was informed the outlet will be closing by January 2014. This would greatly impact my communications—I use the campus post office to process my OSAP loans, buy stamps and packaging, send parcels and cards out for birthdays and Christmas, stay in touch with my grandparent, who do not have email access, file income tax and more. I do not have a car, and do not live near the post office. The campus post office is readily available to me as a student each day, and I use it regularly—two to three times a month. Many Western students share my situation.

We urge the USC to reconsider the closure of our postal outlet.

Autumn Gambles
MSc. Geography, II

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