Real life best game of all

You’re doing it wrong. In a world brimming with electronic gaming, you’re likely overlooking the best game out there.

Better than shooters, RPGs, strategy or board games, you’re missing out on the most incredible game, and it’s right under your nose. You wouldn’t know it if it flooded your brain with endorphins.

It offers immersive gameplay, limitless 3D detailed maps, destructible environments, billions of non-player characters and unbeatable resolution. This unique sandbox game supports single and multiplayer modes.

The game of life. Rated E for everyone. Some assembly required. Internet connection required for downloadable content.

Before you scoff at this idea, hear me out. I’m not a luddite, but a rehabilitated gaming addict. I used to devote an obscene amount of time to online and console games. I still indulge here and there, but I’ve found something better.

This game’s platform won’t ever become obsolete and you’ll never lose your saves. Unfortunately, you can’t respawn, but on the bright side, no one engineered this game to be addictive, which is more than you can say for most video games.

Instead of levelling up a wizard, elf or orc, why not develop your attributes like strength, stamina, intelligence, social skills and humour? Much like a game character, you too can earn new abilities from learning a language, to hang gliding, to sailing, cooking, kiteboarding, parkour and beyond.

At some point in your life, a display of virtuosity has either fascinated or blown you away. So invest your experience points and learn it. You’ll enjoy it more than killing endless minions. Find something you truly love and you’ll have the time of your life. I know I did when I learned juggling, longboarding and photography. Web tutorials and forums facilitate picking up any activity you’re interested in. Be the master of your own destiny, choose your own adventure and enjoy the endorphin rush. Who needs drugs when you can make your own clothes, or carve down city streets?

Chores and quests are pretty similar too. They both yield experience and benefits. Required or optional, the quicker you complete them, the sooner you reap the rewards.

In the end, it may seem appealing to chase the quests, abilities and experience in the realm of zeroes and ones. But spending time acquiring digital experience points at the expense of real-world achievements overlooks the meaning of life—to become a better person. The key is balance. The real world can be full of excitement if you want it to be.

Try this game out. It’s getting rave reviews and it’ll grow on you in a way virtual experiences can’t match.

Andrei Calinescu

Andrei Calinescu

Andrei Calinescu

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  • Marius

    You ramble about how this game is so great and yet you don’t even mention the name of it. Try it out, you say, yet what to try out – no one knows… Useless article with useless information in it.

  • thesharpboye

    though the worst part of this game is PAIN (and some other feelings) . I don’t like this feature

  • thesharpboy

    you are right. it’s good (best)

  • Colin Lim

    You’re an idiot.