Showcasing young talent

First-year students in the advanced foundations studio class will have a chance to showcase their talents by putting on their first visual arts show—In Medias Res—at the APK this week. The two sections of the class will be showcasing their work in the form of photographs and videos.

“The photographs are meant to depict a sound moment, something natural, to tell a story in a picture,” explains Julide Cakiroglu, the class’ TA who helped organize the event. “The video project worked with everyday actions, [and] put them in a scenario where they were out of place. The ideas they were looking at were ritual, routine, duration and performance. All students were trying to find narratives in everyday life and the value it has.”

Cakiroglu’s own love of art started at the age of five and although she started her university career with psychology, Cakiroglu switched into art programs and found her place. Having been a part of and organizing many art shows in the past, Cakiroglu thought putting on an art show in the London community would be an excellent experience for all the students.

“It would be great to get feedback from the London community,” says Cakiroglu, who has been inspired by some of the student’s work. “When we saw the tableau project a lot of people were saying it was masters level work. They’re so passionate, they’re so interested in learning about other artists and I knew they would really benefit from the experience.”

The students explored many issues within the theme of “the everyday” in mind.

“[The pieces] represent moments that have this narrative expansion kind of quality, they can just keep going,” Cakiroglu says. “It’s just these simple everyday scenes with all this potential. Human actions in nature put in opposition with our actions in the city. You can expect to see raw, insightful work from both classes.”

The exhibit saw students putting in time and hard work toward the project, and the dedication and quality of work from both classes really impressed Cakiroglu.

“I feel like a lot of [the students] took risks and were ambitious, conceptually they all really challenged themselves.”

Cakiroglu urges everyone including students, faculty and the London community, to see not only the student’s art show, but any artistic endeavour.

“I think it’s good to go to art shows in London, but I think it’s also good to see young people and their work because they have fresh eyes. It’s a cool perspective to see.”

Both classes will be showcasing their work at the APK from Tuesday, April 9 to Thursday, April 18, with an opening reception on tonight from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.