SlutWalk to go ahead as planned

After nearly cancelling this year’s SlutWalk due to an unexpected $700 fee for overtime police protection at the event, organizers are now saying there may be no fee at all.

Yesterday, organizers of London’s SlutWalk said they were warned by Take Back The Night that they could face the fee after being handed a similar bill for an event in September. Jessica Fay, lead organizer for SlutWalk, thought she would have to cancel the event before a city councillor offered to help foot the bill.

Councillor Sandy White and event organizers told the The Gazette earlier this week that they expected the event to be billed, and a spokesperson for the London Police Service confirmed if someone wanted to guarantee police presence at a large public event then off-duty officers would be required, and the event could be billed for police overtime. However, it now seems to have been a misunderstanding between event organizers and police.

“We spoke with the police further and it turns out we were given the wrong division. There may be no fee for SlutWalk this year. Ultimately, we were directed to the uniformed division when we should have been directed to the Traffic Control division,” Fay explained. “The police officer we spoke to was very apologetic about the miscommunication.”

SlutWalk is an annual event which promotes sex-positive attitudes by questioning negative stigmas around female sexuality. It is scheduled to take place on April 21 in Victoria Park.