• U all mad.

    Oh really Colin? They don’t? Because I spent 4 years at Western and that’s about all The Gazette ever did. That and Sudoku.

    But it’s alright because it’s a daily student newspaper written, for the most part, by full-time students. You can b*tch about the quality of the articles, but then you’re obviously not putting their creative process into the proper context.

    You all need to stop being so butthurt because they said some negative things about your token USC preps. The USC does nothing more than piss away students’ hard earned money on frivolous sh*t, every year. Accept it, and accept that you have a student newspaper which is quite fond of pointing out USC blunders.

    It’s no different than the G&M, NP, Star, etc. constantly berating our Provincial and Federal politicians.

  • Colin

    People don’t pick up the Gazette for questionable movie reviews and fluff pieces. The quality of the paper has gone steadily downhill over at least the past four years I’ve been reading it. This student body deserves better journalism, and I give you guys a ‘D’

  • Elizabeth

    Club executives should get the chance to grade some USC positions, clubs are always promised great things during campaigning and we have no way to hold some of these people accountable

  • T

    I’m curious as to where the Gazette report cards are. Numerous universities run their student publication on budgets far smaller than the Gazette’s, even with a comparative student base. Why aren’t we grading the fact that we can’t criticize the Gazette without fear that we’ll be compared to propagandists or fascists?

    Get off your high horse. None of you could do the job that these fine men and women did this year.

  • Anony-Mouse

    Can we officially stop calling the proposed multi-faith space a ‘debacle?’ And maybe can the whole issue altogether?

    It didn’t happen, everyone seems to be sorry about how the events transpired, except the one major campus publication that delivers USC news to the students continually must bring this up somehow in every article on the USC.

    It’s like the USC releasing a presser saying that “the soup of the week at the Spoke is butternut squash and that the Gazette will no doubt be bitter about this, since they seem to be bitter about everything USC.”

    Come on guys! There is a very real perception on campus that the Gazette-USC feud invalidates the work of both sides when covering/supporting the other. Give it up!