Kiwi Kraze Lawsuit: A Timeline of Events

London-based frozen yogurt chain Kiwi Kraze is being sued by one of their franchisees, who claims that for over a year, the North London location knowingly served yogurt containing fat while representing themselves as fat-free. The company has denied the claim, saying they themselves were misled by their supplier.

To supplement our exclusive feature, we created a video that explains the timeline of events.

  • confused student

    I cannot help but be confused with the level of investigated journalism from this student newspaper that has gone into a frozen yogurt shop that has nothing to do with the university and has not been picked up the the mainstream media in the city.

    Perhaps the editors of this paper should direct their reporters to place the same level of criticality and concern into things at Western that actually effect students.

    Also, perhaps the author of this ‘groundbreaking’ story could do a little bit of research and find out that conflicts between franchisees and franchises is not all that uncommon and often resorts to legal action.

    Your team takes pride in reporting on some internal issues with a private company that hardly affects students but fails to put forward journalism that asks why students are paying more and more for an education that is offering very little in return. Or perhaps you could explore the increasing corporatization of this university – the ways in which various services – from counselling to food to parking is becoming increasingly more bureaucratic and less helpful to students.

    Also you could also explore what the purpose of investigative journalism is – mainly to bring attention to things that should be of great public concern. Even if many students do frequent this frozen yogurt establishment how many would be devastated if they found out that their chocolate dessert was not actually fat free? I imagine most do not go to these establishments for a health treat and would not overly be concerned.

    Instead of taking pride in a story that interests very little students ask yourselves how you could produce a good publication that could actually be of interest to the average student. As far as I’m concerned this paper has gone downhill over the past few decades and is not deserving of the reputation it once had.