Blog the Vote, Day 5: #Parody


Like the smell of unfrozen dog poop announcing spring, or the increase in UGGs sightings heralding winter, the start of the University Students’ Council elections season at Western has a very clear sign: parody Twitter accounts. Over the course of the year, a few accounts come up that are usually shitty, but they tend to pop up more throughout the campaign season like an attention-seeking game of Whack-a-Mole, and are quickly smashed over the head by the mallet of indifference.

This year, however, things have been nutty. At midnight on Tuesday, I was almost immediately followed by four parody accounts. For comparison, I still haven’t been followed by either of the official campaign accounts, and the only candidates following me are Brian Belman and Matt Helfand (and I’m pretty sure the only reason Helfand is following me is because I jokingly slandered one of his slate members).

So yes — the parody accounts were ready this year, and following all of them runs the risk of clogging up one’s Twitter feed with too much lazy satire. So whom should you choose to follow? I’ve gone ahead and reviewed the accounts so you can make the right comedic choice. Here are the rankings, from worst to best.

4) @MrUSCPrez

Followers: 72

The Good: The avatar is Mitt Romney, which I can’t help but find hilarious. Also, this guy seems to tweet the most.

The Bad: Quantity doesn’t mean quality. The tweets aren’t so much satirical comedy as they are just straight sarcastic sentences.

Sample Tweet: “‘Asking student opinion’ WHAT A CONCEPT!!! #voteusc

Spirit Comedian: Carlos Mencia. The account is not devoid of comedy, but the over reliance on one-dimensional shtick really brings it down. You can’t help but feel uncomfortable during the experience.

My Guess for Who Runs It: That friend of yours who can’t stop quoting Wayne’s World. SCHWING!

3) @TeamBelfandUSC

Followers: 27

The Good: I’m going to go with the name here. It makes me giggle a little bit. Other than that, the tweets are okay — definitely not cringe worthy.  And the account retweeted #letstalk, so that’s good.

The Bad: The tweets are humourous, but nothing special. The jokes themselves are a little too on the nose, almost bordering on preachy.

Sample Tweet:and we’re off! Check out my campaign video on google plus, where we hope to reach literally dozens of people this election #voteusc

Spirit Comedian: Kevin James. On the whole, the account is palatable, but it’s not great. You wouldn’t pay money for it if you wanted to respect yourself.

My Guess for Who Runs It: The student who’s always volunteering to do the stand up for club charity events.

2) @USCPrez2014

Followers: 23

The Good: I feel dirty giving out praise here because this guy is an asshole, but he definitely isn’t afraid to go for the jugular. He also seems to understand comedy in a way that the others don’t.

The Bad: Occasionally the tweets will cross over from edgy into “you took this way too far.” Generally these will involve a really sexist and not particularly funny joke.

Sample Tweet: A desire I have that isn’t on my platform? Well, I would like to get down with Janice Deakin in my office. #voteUSC

Spirit Comedian: Dane Cook. You are guaranteed to get at least a few genuine laughs, but you can’t shake the feeling that this guy is a huge douchebag and you would hate him if you ever met him in real life.

My Guess for Who Runs It: The frat boy in your class with the seemingly endless supply of baseball caps and sweatpants.

1) @msuscprez

Followers: 68

The Good: This lady actually combines a sense of humor with decent social media skills. She can also make me laugh without trying too hard and making forced, uncomfortable jokes.

The Bad: This account occasionally gets serious, which is a huge no-no for a parody account. Also, I don’t know if she’s actually linked to @MrUSCPrez, but if she is then he’s dragging her down. Is there such thing as a Twitter divorce?

Sample Tweet: Two members of @TeamBelman14 are in FIMS- which means, if elected, they will double the faculty’s post-grad employment rate #VoteUSC

Spirit Comedian: Tina Fey. I didn’t want to unnecessarily tie this account to a female comedian, but she seems to have a lot of “girl power” going, while being funny at the same time.

My Guess for Who Runs It: Your female friend who pre-drinks by pounding crantinis while watching the Simpsons.

So there are my rankings for the elections season parody Twitter accounts, with @msuscprez leading the pack while her husband languishes in the depths of mediocrity. However, in the spirit of this post, I must also give one more shout out to an account that trumps them all. While she isn’t directly connected to the USC elections, she has been dedicating a lot of her tweets to covering them.


Followers: 360

The Good: I don’t even have to give specifics here. @BresciaGirl is the best.

The Bad: None.

Sample Tweet:So many parody accounts are popping up just for this USC election. What’s wrong fellas? Can’t keep it up the whole year?

Spirit Comedian: Louis CK. She nails it.

My Guess for Who Runs It: Roberto Luongo, when he isn’t busy being @strombone1.

Aaron Zaltzman

Aaron Zaltzman

Aaron is an Associate Editor for Volume 107. He was previously a News Editor for Volume 106 and 105, and a staff writer for Volume 104. Aaron is also in his fifth year of Political Science and Psychology. To contact him, email or follow him on Twitter @AaronAtGazette.
  • Omid

    Captain planet is terrible. She isn’t funny and really needs to stop thinking her opinion is worthwhile. Last year’s NottheGazette and more were making useful points and still being able to make jokes about the elections. All Captain planet does is waste her phone’s data plan with tweets that no one cares about. Stop clogging #voteUSC.
    Myself and the rest of politically aware UWO (yep all eight of us)

  • Captain Planet

    Brescia girl is terrible. She isn’t funny and really needs to stop thinking her opinion is worthwhile. Last year’s NottheGazette and more were making useful points and still being able to make jokes about the elections. All brescia girl does is waste her phone’s data plan with tweets that no one cares about. Stop clogging #voteUSC.

    Myself and the rest of politically aware UWO

  • Mike A.

    Any comment on the fact that Belman and his friends run the vast majority of these accounts? They’re overwhelmingly biased to the point of absurdity.