• Maha Hassan

    I did have my posters approved by the Dean’s office prior to putting them up in HSB. I’m pretty sure the Dean’s office can speak to that. Also, please don’t make false claims of me ripping down posters when you have no proof. I am not the one who likes to sabotage people’s campaign.

    The Gazette reached out and asked me how I feel about the election being postponed and I gave an honest answer. It is unfair to Morgan and I because we ran a clean campaign. Being slandered for telling the truth I don’t think is right. Regardless, I will give it my all after reading break to ensure that students know about the revote. Thank you

  • Uwoguy

    I find it more concerning that a candidate enjoys continually cheating by putting her posters in unauthorized areas and ripping down others. That’s the type of person I’d rather not have run council.