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A Londoner since age 13 and Western alumna, Grainger's interest in her locality shines through in the well-researched and visually appealing book that can show students a forgotten side to London. 

Dystopian stories are becoming more popular with audiences across North America; professors Tim Blackmore and Miranda Green-Barteet weigh in.

Mariko Tamaki discusses her love of collaboration and the characters she creates. 

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Acclaimed journalist, producer and author Steve Paikin talks about his latest book on Premier Bill Davis at Words Fest.


Shane Neilson emphasizes the marriage of science and art through his poetry and work as a physician at a panel discussion at Words on Saturday. 

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Words, London's creative and literary arts festival, will take place this weekend at Museum London and host a diverse array of authors. 

Local London resident Margaret LeBas Howe releases her autobiographical recount of the Second World War, "Call Me Ma'am," at the age of 100.

There’s reading Hamlet’s soliloquies and then there’s seeing Benedict Cumberbatch perform them. The spoken word has always captivated audiences, but poetry today is largely seen as words written on a page.

The Gazette recently had the chance to sit down award-winning novelist Miriam Toews after her appearance at the Words festival in London.

At Words festival, there was an open mic poetry night with Lucas Crawford, who describes writing and poetry as a source of catharsis.

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