Bill Condon's hyper-realistic live-action retelling of this classic Disney fairytale--despite its vibrant colours and captivating cinematography--had some hits and misses (and I’m not just talking about the music).

An emotional send-off for a beloved character.

This limited-release documentary on an infamously mysterious religion is well worth catching.


Alumni Hall poster boy and artistic director of TIFF Cameron Bailey talked art and film in the Mustang Lounge this week. 

Movie: A Cure for Wellness

As stylish and action-packed as the original.

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Hidden Figures may sometimes feel a little forced but it's a movie that makes you want to get up and cheer when the theatre lights come on.

Rogue One is a fun action movie that expands the boundaries of the Star Wars universe with fun nods to the past. The third act alone is worth the price of admission.  

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