London Community Players bring A Raisin in the Sun to life with great production and some good performances. 

Western student's original play will come to life at The Arts Projects to benefit the London-Middlesex branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

HUDS takes to the Beaver Dam for a performance of a Broadway classic.

Huron's student theatre group, HUDS, is providing a fresh new take on the famous musical, Company.

King's Players production of Reefer Madness takes a satirical twist on the 1936 film of the same name condemning the use of marijuana. 


Last year, Camille Inston sat down and wrote a script that would change the course of her We…

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This upcoming Thursday marks the London premiere of Sleeping Beauty by Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, currently touring across Canada and the United States.

Nuit Violette provides a platform for students with artistic talents, regardless of their home faculty. 

Theatre Western's Spring Awakening is moving and highly relatable, touching on topics of sex we fearfully hide from the youth.

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