Experiencing this American classic live and in a theatre is an experience you won't want to miss out on. 

The Comedy Club warmed up the chilly Saturday night with hardy chuckles at Huron. 

Theatre Western's fall play is, as always, worth the watch.

A gender and colour-blind casted version of 12 Angry Men from Theatre Western is set to take the stage beginning on Nov. 16. 

It’s a month into the school year and Western theatre groups have hit the ground running.

Canada's Ballet Jörgen retells a classic tale for the modern audience with breathtaking performances throughout.

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This upcoming Thursday marks the London premiere of Sleeping Beauty by Canada’s Ballet Jörgen, currently touring across Canada and the United States.

Nuit Violette provides a platform for students with artistic talents, regardless of their home faculty. 

Theatre Western's Spring Awakening is moving and highly relatable, touching on topics of sex we fearfully hide from the youth.

Reverie 2016 is the arts festival that has it all, giving you a place to reach all week long.

Director Michael Cavanagh presents a classic rendition of a classic opera for two and a half hours of pure comedic entertainment.

Starring the most eclectic and hilarious cast of characters, this play delves deeper than just spelling words.

The Grand Theatre's A Christmas Story is jovial and fun. But while it excels in various aspects, it fails to offer anything new to the table. 

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