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Ross Bell has abstracted the human form with his sculpture Last Stand, and given it combative, environmental, and philosophical meaning.

Art and sustainability come together in Echo art festival this week. 

Events like Nuit Violette which bring together music, traditional art and new forms of digital art into one night, demonstrate the benefits of students from different faculties working together.

Ashton Kutcher has bought his ticket to the moon. Have you?

Western alumni artists gathered for a round table discussion on Thursday evening for the first lecture in the Art in the Public Sphere series. 

The Artlab and Concours gallery showcase MFA Graduate exhibition, "On Coming and Going" by Quintin Teszeri.

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On March 18, McIntosh Gallery opened its doors to two new exhibitions: Any Dream Will Do, by Kim Moodie, and Leading the Way: Early Canadian Women Artists, curated by Catherine Elliot Shaw. 

Nuit Violette provides a platform for students with artistic talents, regardless of their home faculty. 

Reverie 2016 is the arts festival that has it all, giving you a place to reach all week long.

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