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NBA 2K11

Do you remember when Michael Jordan averaged 31 points against Magic Johnson in the 1991 NBA finals? Or when he scored 35 points and sank six three-pointers in the first half of Game one in the 1992 NBA Finals? NBA 2K11 allows you to relive these moments or experience them for the first time.

The most prominent addition to NBA 2K11 is the “Jordan Challenge.” This new mode allows the player to experience the 10 most famous moments of Jordan’s career. The commentary and crowd noises are very realistic, reflecting the monumental milestones Jordan achieved.

There are a few other modes where you can fill Jordan’s shoes, but Jordan Challenges are what really allows the player to appreciate the athleticism of “His Airness.” In addition to the ability to play as Jordan, 2K Sports improved on past criticisms with a better defensive AI and a more streamlined control configuration.

But where 2K11 really shines is in its presentation. The game immerses the player in the atmosphere of a crowded basketball arena. Each game is delivered like a television broadcast: commentators state facts about players and league changes and the arenas have authenticated buzzer horns and crowd noises. If you are connected online, a feature called NBA Today updates rosters and stats to reflect the current changes in the real NBA. The game announcers even incorporate real basketball events that have occurred in the past view days into their commentary.

However, not all is perfect in the NBA 2K11 world. My Player mode, which allows gamers to create a player and develop him into an NBA star, takes an exceptionally long time and isn’t worth the effort. And with such a polished look and presentation, it’s sad that the ball still physically passes through the mesh, instead of falling through.

These problems are obviously minimal. No game is perfect, but with tons of modes, features, and improvements, NBA 2K11 is pretty close.

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