Each week, we’ll have a roundup of the corrections we’ve issued with links to the original articles. If you spot an error online or in print, let us know at [email protected] or [email protected].

September 28 – October 4

In the Sept. 28 online Arts article “Fans deserve better from the Muppets” the author misspelled the name of show creator Bill Prady.


In the Sept. 29 print edition of the Gazette editoral on Western’s Homecoming concerts, the author mistakenly stated that the DVBBS concert sold 6,000 tickets when it actually sold 9,000. This has been corrected in the online edition.


September 21-27

In the Sept. 21 online Arts article “Theatre Western: Lights, camera, acting” the author misspelled the name of the play Boeing Boeing!


In the Sept. 21 News brief posted online on Western music librarian Jane Baldwin, the author neglected to mention that after Baldwin worked as a music cataloguer, she then advanced to the position of music reference librarian before becoming head of systems for the libraries. The author also misspelled Brian Ratcliffe’s name.


In the Sept. 24 print Arts and Life article “Tech for Thursday” on Sharp’s 8K resolution TV, the TV actually contains about 33 million pixels, not 38 million pixels as stated. This has been corrected in the online edition.


September 14-20

In the Sept. 14 Opinions piece on Greek life posted online, the author incorrectly stated that recruitment fees for fraternities and sororities were $20. Recruitment fees are $25 for sororities and fraternities do not have recruitment fees.


In the Sept. 17 print Arts article “Beyond the comical,” the photo credit for Art Spiegelman’s Maus misspelled the author’s last name. This has been corrected in the online edition.


September 7-13

In a Sept. 10 Sports article on men’s rugby, the online version included a photo that the author incorrectly described in the caption as rugby action from the game being reported on in the article. The photo was in fact a file photo from last year.

In a Sept. 13 Sports article on men’s football posted online, the author incorrectly stated that the Western vs. York men’s football game occurred last weekend. The game took place on Monday, Sept. 7. The author also misspelled Laurier Golden Hawks running back Dillon Campbell’s first name.


August 31 – September 6

No Gazette this week, sorry!


August 24-30

In the Aug. 27 print News article “Western Administration” on page nine, the author misstated that the Board of Governors consisted of 31 members, was responsible for all of Western’s major decisions and that it was ultimately up to the Board of Governors to pass the Senate’s resolutions. There are 28 members on the Board of Governors, and the Senate and the Board are part of a bicameral governance system in which each body deals with some issues solely by itself while other issues are the shared responsibility of both bodies.

The author additionally stated in the same article that Senate meets at least four times each academic year; while this is true, it is more accurate to say that Senate meets 10 times during the year. She also falsely stated that the role of the observers in Senate was to ensure the Senate acted equitably. This is not true.

These errors have all been corrected on the web edition of the article.