Hangry is an app that allows students to pre-order and pre-pay for meals at Subway, Bento Sushi, Quesada and Teriyaki Experience on campus.

Last year, Camille Inston sat down and wrote a script that would change the course of her We…

360 video is becoming more widely available through Samsung. 

World-renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry C. Lee visited Western last week to deliver career advice and share his experiences. 

The final episode of the first season will make you cry — or at the very least, it will make you misty eyed.

Dystopian stories are becoming more popular with audiences across North America; professors Tim Blackmore and Miranda Green-Barteet weigh in.

Experiencing this American classic live and in a theatre is an experience you won't want to miss out on. 

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Finding the right spot in London to go on a first date can be tough. In the age of Netflix and chilling, picking a place that will be memorable but not excessive is a challenge.

Arrival is an incredible film, absolutely flawless and a major contender for the Academy Awards' Best Picture nod.

Engineering professor Peter Castle reflects on historical pranks at Western; but while pranks have gone the way of the dodo, other traditions remain.

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