Globally Local, the organic-produce, delivery company turned vegan fast food restaurant is gearing up to open a second set of doors. They will launch the world’s first 24-hour vegan drive-thru restaurant right here in London, Ontario.

Coffee travels a long way to get from the farm to your cup. 

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Western celebrates one year as a fair trade campus, making it easier to buy ethically sourced chocolates this Valentine's Day.

Conveniently located for Western students at the mall, Nando's should become the next hip, trendy locale for us to enjoy a bite to eat. 

Hangry is an app that allows students to pre-order and pre-pay for meals at Subway, Bento Sushi, Quesada and Teriyaki Experience on campus.

Talissa Watson has bags and bags of frozen fruits and veggies in her freezer. 

SEASONAL DRINKS ARE BACK! They're an excellent treat while studying. What's not so excellent is the sugar content.

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