Drake drops some solid new songs in his new, lengthy project.

Events like Nuit Violette which bring together music, traditional art and new forms of digital art into one night, demonstrate the benefits of students from different faculties working together.

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Last Friday, the tables and booths of the Spoke were filled with a rapt audience of friends and fans for the Sonic Arts Society’s (SAS) second annual showcase.

With Culture, Migos have finally delivered on the promises of their first mixtape from 2013, and succeeded where their previous studio album did not. 

CSA's annual singing competition, Western Voice, is happening this Friday at 6 p.m. in the Mustang Lounge. Tickets are available online and in the UCC Atrium, with the proceeds heading toward UNICEF.

Casual listeners won’t find many songs on this album that are standouts on their own, but for those willing to take it all in, 4 Your Eyez Only is J. Cole’s most powerful album yet.

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