Hangry is an app that allows students to pre-order and pre-pay for meals at Subway, Bento Sushi, Quesada and Teriyaki Experience on campus.

360 video is becoming more widely available through Samsung. 

World-renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry C. Lee visited Western last week to deliver career advice and share his experiences. 

How one third-year computer science student's passion for programming introduced him to the world of cyber security and ethical hacking.

Aman Sayal, unlike most of his university peers, has found that elusive balance.


Talissa Watson has bags and bags of frozen fruits and veggies in her freezer. 


Western is working toward 90 per cent landfill diversion rate by 2022; but recyclable items like coffee cups are still being chucked into the trash.

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Finding the right spot in London to go on a first date can be tough. In the age of Netflix and chilling, picking a place that will be memorable but not excessive is a challenge.

Engineering professor Peter Castle reflects on historical pranks at Western; but while pranks have gone the way of the dodo, other traditions remain.

Bodybuilding competitions aren’t something you’d expect a fourth-year medical cell biology student to be entering. But Abigail Kong just entered her first weightlifting competition this October — and came out on top.

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