Thrift with style and change up your look from time to time. Savanna Lee shows us it's possible with this week's Fashion Forward

Movies4Mental health is a film-centric event organized by Health Promotions Western to raise awareness in a new and interactive way.

When Will first came to university, he says it was harder to find people who were into roleplaying games than it was to find someone to talk about sports with.

On Wednesday, after toiling away the past few weeks, Isaac Jacobi launched a game he created, The Adventures of Mort, on the App Store.


Buying gifts for parents can be a challenge – consider what is most meaningful for them this holiday. 


Thicke was born in Northern Ontario and spent most of his early life there until he came to Western at age 16 — he had skipped grades four and six.


Conveniently located for Western students at the mall, Nando's should become the next hip, trendy locale for us to enjoy a bite to eat. 

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During out childhood, it seemed like the Holidays were better. We gathered five Gazette editors together to reflect on their past and comment on their present. 

With the upcoming exam season, students have a tendency to compromise their eating habits. Western's nutrition manager and Brescia's food psychology professor shed light on the importance of healthy eating during times of stress.

Hangry is an app that allows students to pre-order and pre-pay for meals at Subway, Bento Sushi, Quesada and Teriyaki Experience on campus.

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