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Christine Stapleton has been appointed as Western's new director of Sport and Recreation Services.

As social debate rages around the merits of transgenderism, trans* students' lives at Western are a glimpse into what this really means.

Coffee travels a long way to get from the farm to your cup. 

They're handing out free copies in Stevenson Hall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Entirely fair trade, organic and plant-based meals at the Ground Up Organic Café make it a t…


Western's lack of a consistent policy for profs sharing past exams puts students in an uncomfortable moral dilemma and black market situation. 

On Wednesday night, the Taiwanese Association at Western (TAW) transformed the entirety of t…

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Flashback to the 2015 federal election where student political engagement was relatively high: campus debates were frequent and both residences and social media saw the open support of political parties.

The workshop is open to all students, faculty and staff and will include art therapy, mindfulness movement and meditation, and holistic nutrition discussions and food samples.

New beginnings tend to generate a wide array of feelings; fright, excitement and anxiety can be overwhelming, but they must be confronted.

Warm weather means more going outside, why not spend some of that time exploring the farmers' markets London has to offer?

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