Local rapper G0LDEN G is ending his Western series with "Western Road Flows", leaving a legacy to look back on. 

Donate some blood when the Canadian Blood Services comes to campus!

120-year-old Grosvenor Lodge is now home to new sorority Delta Iota Epsilon, and they’re on the hunt for new pledges. But recent reports have suggested suspicious behaviour on the grounds. 

This year's Halloween pop culture costume roundup includes gorillas and politicians. 

Walking into Professor Brock Millman's office can feel like walking into a library, with boo… Read more

Fourth-year MIT student Lindsay Craven rarely falls asleep before 11:30 p.m. but makes sure … Read more

When Tim Cook first announced the release of the now ubiquitous Apple Watch in 2015, he made… Read more

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Hypontist Tony Lee came to the Wave this week and made us laugh and believe in the much-disputed work of hypnotism.

Jen loves hammy-downs, you love hammy-downs, we all love happy-downs!

The Sexual Violence Education Coordinator is a new addition to UWO's resources offering support to a silenced issue.

SEASONAL DRINKS ARE BACK! They're an excellent treat while studying. What's not so excellent is the sugar content.

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