As social debate rages around the merits of transgenderism, trans* students' lives at Western are a glimpse into what this really means.

Emergence Queer Arts Festival is a must-go for your Friday night.

CHRW is scheduled host All Women's Voices – female only programming to commemorate the women who died in the Montreal Massacre. 

Holocaust survivor Elly Gotz speaks about his experience living in a Nazi Ghetto and concentration camp.


On a cold winter night after her eighth birthday, Audrey Park and her mother bribed a soldier and crossed the border into China, leaving North Korea behind them. 


A mukluk-making pop up school on Western campus offers an opportunity to learn about an important indigenous tradition.


Hemant Mehta, author, blogger and atheist activist, explores the rise of non-belief amongst youth and the prevalence of religion on Western's campus. 

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This year's One Love show shines light on multiple facets of diversity with a focus on not being a bystander.

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The food, music and high energy made Sunfest an amazing international experience this weekend at Victoria Park.

A school known for its beautiful campus, academics and partying. Unbeknownst to many, it's also host to an underground culture of racism. Housing a growing population of international students, our university has a wealth of students with different cultural backgrounds, nationalities and religions from around the world and within the nation.