Get REAL Western works to eliminate LGBTQ language discrimination and LGBTQ discrimination in general.  

Kim and Tiq Milan are journalists, activists and educators who speak about intersectionality* and creating love in black queer communities.

  • Annie Rueter and Amy Skodak

This year's One Love show shines light on multiple facets of diversity with a focus on not being a bystander.

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The food, music and high energy made Sunfest an amazing international experience this weekend at Victoria Park.

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Taiwanese Association at Western hosts their annual Night Market with incredible results.

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Last Sunday, Western MSA put on a glamorous display of generosity for the London community to benefit recent newcomers.

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A school known for its beautiful campus, academics and partying. Unbeknownst to many, it's also host to an underground culture of racism. Housing a growing population of international students, our university has a wealth of students with different cultural backgrounds, nationalities and religions from around the world and within the nation.