Listen up, guys of Western! A man with good style is definitely attractive. Fourth-year BMOS student Vigeash Gopal shows us how easy it is to ditch your boat shoes and look good with minimal effort. It’s all about pairing simple items to achieve an effortless but head-turning look. 

Thrifting is no ordinary shopping; it’s an art that requires precision and an eye for fashion — here are some spots where you can get creative

CAISA's 18th annual fashion show, Paragon, innovates within the limits of a dystopian theme.

Second-year political science student Alexander Shah shows us how to bring '50s influences into your everyday style.

Last Sunday, Western MSA put on a glamorous display of generosity for the London community to benefit recent newcomers.

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The Purple Spur fashion show: Crave, far exceeded their initial fundraising goal of $10,000, raising $20,042 for MADD.

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Add some flare to your wardrobe with some accessories!

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As the weather network calls for another snow storm, it feels like winter has been going on forever. Coordinating colours and creating new outfits can be difficult and going all black can be tempting. First-year MIT student Josephine Bulat shows us how to effortlessly combine neutral shades …

Fifth-year BMOS student Kishwar Hashmee shows us how to mix colours in order to create a distinct and cohesive outfit that embraces your own style. 

  • Alexandra Hawkins, Gazette Staff

First-year engineering student Jake Girling displays how to effortlessly combine style with utility through the winter months without bulky excess accessories.

Ever swerve when you see the blue salt on Western's sidewalks to avoid damaging your boots? Find out why Western uses salt in the winter.

The Black Students' Association introduces their first fashion, taking place tonight in the Mustang lounge at 7 p.m. 

Purdy Natural is capitalizing on consumer trends in buying ethically and locally made cosmetic products.

By experimenting with combinations you can create new looks from seemingly mismatched pieces, much like the unpredictable London weather.

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