Walking into Professor Brock Millman's office can feel like walking into a library, with books stacked to the ceilings spanning multiple subjects. But once you understand Professor Brock Millman’s love for reading, it all makes sense. 

Eric Shepperd is a mature student and active member of London's community. Beyond academia he wants to take on some massive social issues.

The trauma from growing up in Syria has made Yasmin more grateful for her education, family and safety.

Zoe Starkman has been working as a trainer for the varsity women's lacrosse team, and loves every minute.

Meet Joseph, MIT student and former star of Honeycomb commercials.

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Harrison Arnold is easygoing. The fourth-year Faculty of Social Science student sits down ac… Read more

Meg gets ready to show off her lifts when one of the other gym members calls out, and encourages her to show off why she's called the 'Snatch Master.'

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For third-year media theory and production student Aidan Mckendrick, activism has to do with solidarity.

Natasha Crombie, a second-year political science student at Huron University College, found herself in a unique position in 2015 when she and a few of her friends noticed something missing on Western’s club list.  

For Ben Withers, his pursuit of happiness is founded on the idea of challenging his perspective in faith, education, culture and life in general. 

Fourth-year English major Ryan Robinson isn’t one for organization or cohesion. Instead, he chooses to mix, interrupt or distort established works to make his own.

At an age when most children are having difficulty putting together a complete sentence, Tony’s dad introduced him to the chess.

Third-year mechanical engineering student Kirill Kokorin currently balances a full-time engineering course load while running his company, A+.

Next up in KNIGHTlife: AotC Managers Andrews, Clarke and Nelson watch the throne built by the founders of the company.

If you happen to walk by the UCC atrium today, you may run into Olivia, who is the project leader for EnviroWestern's current campaign, "It All Adds Up."

Many may know Nick Vanin from watching his jersey number, 24, from the stands of TD Stadium. Others may know him from their lab together, as they inject mice with steroids in tandem.

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