Western classical studies assistant professor Charles Stocking wrote his first book about animal sacrifice.

Fourth-year sociocultural anthropology student Alex Stelmacovich has been shaped by his passions for photography, anthropology and travel.

Bodybuilding competitions aren’t something you’d expect a fourth-year medical cell biology student to be entering. But Abigail Kong just entered her first weightlifting competition this October — and came out on top.

Studio art student & VASA president Ronnie Clarke shares who she is and what she does with her art.

Third-year MIT student Jason Pun is thriving as a graphic designer in the new and exciting world of eSports.


Luke Peressini hasn’t always played goalie — it happened when he was asked to fill in for one game at the last minute.

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Walking into Professor Brock Millman's office can feel like walking into a library, with books stacked to the ceilings spanning multiple subjects. But once you understand Professor Brock Millman’s love for reading, it all makes sense. 

Harrison Arnold is easygoing. The fourth-year Faculty of Social Science student sits down across from me, and I tell him I’m going to ask him fun questions about himself. He smiles, replying he’ll give me fun answers.

Meg gets ready to show off her lifts when one of the other gym members calls out, and encourages her to show off why she's called the 'Snatch Master.'

For third-year media theory and production student Aidan Mckendrick, activism has to do with solidarity.

Natasha Crombie, a second-year political science student at Huron University College, found herself in a unique position in 2015 when she and a few of her friends noticed something missing on Western’s club list.  

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