As social debate rages around the merits of transgenderism, trans* students' lives at Western are a glimpse into what this really means.

They're handing out free copies in Stevenson Hall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Western's lack of a consistent policy for profs sharing past exams puts students in an uncomfortable moral dilemma and black market situation. 

Flashback to the 2015 federal election where student political engagement was relatively hig…


Moving out is stressful for students have time between moving out and when they can move into a new place.


New beginnings tend to generate a wide array of feelings; fright, excitement and anxiety can…


It’s difficult to change something that’s been in place for decades, especially when this parameter of success has become almost second nature to researchers.

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Events like Nuit Violette which bring together music, traditional art and new forms of digital art into one night, demonstrate the benefits of students from different faculties working together.

The US She Panel made a bigger and better return this year as roughly 40 people gathered on Thursday to hear from the four panelists in attendance.

Has the history-rich Saugeen been replaced by Med-Syd for Western's unofficial party residence?

The Fashion and Lifestyle Society's spring fashion show, Spectrum, took place at the ARTS Project this past weekend. All proceeds of the event went toward Egale Canada Human Rights Trust which supports the LGBTQI2S community. 

Founded by Western alumni, is an industry leading website connecting voice actors to companies worldwide. Based in London Ontario, the company presents unique career opportunities for Western students.

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