Get REAL Western works to eliminate LGBTQ language discrimination and LGBTQ discrimination in general.  

What’s up with the gender divide? Does it deter students from trying new types of exercise?

Getting there is the longest walk of all the affiliate campuses but King's still stands out …

A little bit about Huron's history and how its students and faculty love it to this day.

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Despite having a large number of gamers on campus, Western's gaming community is often hard to find.

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Summer 2016 saw major smart phone developments as well as the initial development of autonomous vehicles.

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Dumbledore's Army is a club new to Western this year that aims to unite Harry Potter fans across all campuses.

Every dog had a story at Sunfest, we got the scoop. 

Harrison Arnold is easygoing. The fourth-year Faculty of Social Science student sits down across from me, and I tell him I’m going to ask him fun questions about himself. He smiles, replying he’ll give me fun answers.

It is hard know the significance of a moment as it's happening. Usually we find importance in retrospect. When I stepped off of the plane in Copenhagen, Denmark to begin my six-month university exchange, I knew it was a big moment. This was something that I would remember for the rest of my life.

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