Buying gifts for parents can be a challenge – consider what is most meaningful for them this holiday. 

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During out childhood, it seemed like the Holidays were better. We gathered five Gazette editors together to reflect on their past and comment on their present. 

The Elbow Room was a pub located in the basement of the UCC from 1973 to 1991 where Rick McGhie played before the Spoke. 


With the upcoming exam season, students have a tendency to compromise their eating habits. Western's nutrition manager and Brescia's food psychology professor shed light on the importance of healthy eating during times of stress.

Pinterest for Poverty is having a few Christmas sales – shop and support this holiday season.

Hangry is an app that allows students to pre-order and pre-pay for meals at Subway, Bento Sushi, Quesada and Teriyaki Experience on campus.

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Finding the right spot in London to go on a first date can be tough. In the age of Netflix and chilling, picking a place that will be memorable but not excessive is a challenge.

Engineering professor Peter Castle reflects on historical pranks at Western; but while pranks have gone the way of the dodo, other traditions remain.

Come to school with a sleek outfit by playing up your dark undertones.

Environmental activist David Suzuki will be giving a speech put on by the Science Students' Council at Alumni Hall on Nov. 17.

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