The Arts and Humanities' Faculty budget is slated to see contract faculty cut and class sizes increased on Friday as part of Western's overall budget, according to an online petition lobbying against the changes. 

As the school year comes to an end, it’s time to contemplate some of the new projects that Western pursued — notably moving course evaluations online.

In May 2017, Erika Chamberlain will be walking into Western’s law building as the new incoming dean of Western Law.

The majority of Western University's Senate members passed a motion to create a fall Reading Week for the 2017–18 school year.


Results for this year's Senate show a very competitive field.


Western's Senate will be debating a motion next Friday on whether or not the University will…


Senate candidates may be confused as to how much they can spend on their campaign.

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The appointment of the undergraduate student-at-large position on the committee which approves Western's annual ancillary fee, currently $1,423.10, is under review after it was brought up at a USC council meeting in September. 

At the Senate meeting on Friday, Provost Janice Deakin said it was unfortunate that the picture of the ‘Western Lives Matter’ banner on Reunion Weekend was considered to be the motivation for the University’s investigation. 

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