The University Students' Council recently responded to a hateful document allegedly distributed around campus that targeted the Jewish community over the weekend.

The original document states the Quebec mosque shooting was done by "Jewish terrorists who were trained by Israeli Zionists" and requests that "All Zionists in Canada be tried as terrorists and all member be put in jail." The document is signed off by the 'Canadian National Independence Party,' however an online search reveals no information could be found on the so-called party.

The USC responded by condemning the document and the anti-Semitic sentiments in a Facebook post. 

USC president Eddy Avila said he was informed about the document through social media and concerned friends and peers. 

"A lot of the contents of the document were very anti-Semitic and from our perspective one of the things that we always try to ensure that we're creating in our community is safety and making sure that all students feel welcome," Avila said. 

Avila said it was important to ensure Jewish students feel safe on campus and noted that the document was a blatant attack on their community. 

Avila noted verbal attacks like these can negatively contribute to a students stress levels and overall health. 

"This level of safety and this feeling of comfort also adds to stress levels and wellness as a whole," Avila said. "So when we advocate for holistic wellness, safety is a very important part of that. So I think if we're doing our job as a University Students' Council that's representing all students we want to make sure that all students are able to succeed and thrive in this environment." 

Rita is a returning news editor for volume 110. She's a fourth-year political science student, minoring in film studies. Contact her at or at

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