Palin-Cohen held their heads up high after losing the USC presidential elections to Team Avila.

A look back at USC elections and just how similar they have all been.

Team Avila has been elected as the next president and vice-president of the University Stude…

Voter turnout ticked up to 24.1 per cent in this year's USC elections.

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Current vice-president communications for BUCSC Deanna Vezina has been acclaimed as next year's BUCSC president.

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USC 2016 election polls are now open and will be until 8 p.m. Tuesday night. Who are you voting for?

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The USC presidential candidates face off in the media debate, hosted by The Gazette in the UCC atrium. Everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions of the candidates.

All three slates share a vow to work as students, for students, distancing themselves from the current way the USC operates.