The London Abused Women's Centre is boycotting Take Back the Night after hearing The Pole House would possibly make an appearance. 

Houses in a popular student neighbourhood — around Broughdale St. and Huron St. — were cover…

The words “No means yes. And yes means anal” were written on an off-campus student home on E…

Western student ID cards are now "smart cards" that will also contain a student's bus pass information. 

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The London Transit Commission will be rolling new routes serving Western's campus this September to deal with issues of overcrowded buses during the school year. 

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Police shot and killed a suspected terror sympathizer in Strathroy on Wednesday, after the man detonated a device injuring himself and another person.  

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Western's Homecoming move comes as a surprise considering last year's events were considered very successful by the USC, London Police and yes, Western itself.

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