The USC has been lobbying the federal government to fulfill a 2015 election promise that would see $50 million added each year to the Post-Secondary Student Support Program. 

Students are unsure if caps on tuition increases will survive, and if they as well-off as new legislation suggests. 

  • Helena Najm and Tom Yun, The Varsity

 The union is facing criticism after two Snapchat videos involving Vando and former SMCSU Councillor Sara Gonsalves that are making the rounds on social media have been called Islamophobic.

In response to Ontario's premier prioritizing experiential learning, OUSA has organized a one-week campaign to raise awareness of the importance of work-integrated learning. 


STEM to STEAM is a movement that aims to transform research policy to incorporate art and design into STEM fields.


The general assembly was attended by student delegates from all eight student association members of OUSA.

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