The former common clubs' space on the third floor of the UCC will now be exclusively for USC associates and support staff. 

Beginning in the summer, the renovation of the student organization room and the annex on third floor project included a complete overhaul of the club space, removal of the lockers and breaking down the wall between the space and the USC offices. The annex, previously space used for associates, coordinators and interns will now be exclusive to USC coordinators.

Instead of consisting of tables, chairs and lockers, the space will now provide each of the ten associates with their own designated work desks. 

While the space was supposed to be used by any of the more than 180 USC-affiliated clubs to coordinate meetings, events and more, the USC believes that it ended up becoming a crowded place where students unrelated to clubs would study and eat lunch.

Allie Adamo, USC student programs officer and previously an associate vice-president, said that there were times where the space wasn’t available because of how full it became.

“Sometimes clubs couldn’t even use the space,” Adamo said. “Because students were there just studying or having lunch. Half of the time, even when I was a club president, three years ago, I never used that space because it was always full and messy.”

Emily Ross, USC communications officer, also said that they wanted to provide associates and coordinators with an adequate space, given their increased workload and salaries.

“With more involvement with what we’re doing, more involvement with the USC and a heavier workload, we wanted to make sure they had an adequate space to work out of,” Ross said.  

Some, however, are skeptical whether or not the room was being used for its intended purposes. Nick Gill, third-year BMOS accounting student and volunteer for the Accounting Association, not only disagrees with the claims of the club space’s misuse, but also believes that the USC could have placed their supporting staff in many other locations.

“I think that during the day it was definitely used for its purpose,” Gill said. “But during the night, because execs spend all day with club stuff, and if they didn’t have something to do for the club, then they would catch up and study.

“The USC has more than enough space. They have their council chambers, their previous associate office, peer support rooms - there’s two of them - and they also have two rooms beside creative services,” Gill continued.

The USC has yet to decide upon a new club space location. So far, they’ve been considering the storage spaces in the Mustang Lounge and a room 80 in the UCC basement.

Adamo hopes to find a space that will give clubs more resources. To mitigate problems of overcrowding, Adamo plans on working with the managing director of facilities to make the new space more exclusive to club executives by possibly adding a card access or a pin code.

In the meantime, Ross encourages clubs to book conference rooms and classrooms until the USC comes to their final decision in October.

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Moses Monterroza is a news editor for Volume 110 of the Gazette. Previously, he was an arts and life editor for Volume 109, and staff writer for Volume 108. You can reach him at

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