Western students' future likely won't include a transit tunnel under Richmond Street after city councillors' vote Monday night. 

The alleged role played by top USC employees in the elimination of certain full-time positions at the Ryerson Students' Union (RSU). 

Increased financial transparency, a bylaw amendment and the USC’s third quarter financial standing were on the agenda.

The USC will be moving approximately $800,000 from Canadian equities in its reserves to a new Canadian sustainability fund.

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A new student organization has sprung up on campus with of the goal of acting as an opposition group to the University Students' Council (USC) and other student governments at Western.

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The first 2017-18 USC council meeting of the year had a number of items on the agenda. 


The first meeting of the 2017-18 USC council unanimously passed a motion supporting transgender and non-binary students on campus.

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As the ballots were counted last Sunday afternoon, Mac McIntosh was the clear winner. 

Being involved with student council wasn't in her initial plans when she started at Western but Jana Cernavskis is ready to take on a position in the USC executive. 

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