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Thursday, March 23rd, 2017


Federal budget devotes first-ever chapter to gender statement

An entire chapter of the budget was designated specifically about women and analyzing the budget through Gender-based analysis.  Read more

Federal budget prioritizes innovation — here's what students should know

This afternoon, the Liberals tabled the federal budget. Here's everything from grants, loans and research funding.  Read more

Panel event provides insight on trans rights

Professors and students at Western came together for a panel on trans rights. Read more


March Madness tips off in Dayton

Sports editor Mike DeBoer was sent to Dayton, Ohio to cover the First Four of the 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Read more

Women's volleyball ends season as sixth in Canada

After a 3-0 loss to the Dalhousie Tigers during the last day of the U Sports championship, the Mustangs finish their season ranked sixth in the country. Read more

Women's volleyball set to battle for fifth in the country

The Mustangs got their gold medal redemption on McMaster, defeating the Marauders in four sets in the consolation semi-finals a week after McMaster edge out the Mustangs for the OUA gold. The Mustangs will advance to tomorrows fifth place game.  Read more


Handling mistakes effectively

We made a big mistake. But it was realized and handled effectively.  Read more

There must be some way out of here

Culture editor Ellis Koifman reflects on the unexpectedly enlightening journey of his university experience as it comes to an end. Read more

I didn’t protest Peterson’s visit but news coverage almost makes me wish I did

It seems to me that there are ways of protesting that make it clear what you are protesting is the content of Peterson’s views not his right to express them. Read more


The Good, the bad, and the Beastly

Bill Condon's hyper-realistic live-action retelling of this classic Disney fairytale--despite its vibrant colours and captivating cinematography--had some hits and misses (and I’m not just talking about the music). Read more

More Life, less impact

Drake drops some solid new songs in his new, lengthy project. Read more

Art attack: brightening your space with student pieces

Student art will be sold at Visual Arts Supporters' Association tomorrow.   Read more


Emma Phillips embraces a lifelong love of music

Emma Phillips has wanted to be a musician ever since she was a child wearing a feather boa, singing "Summer of 69" and holding an upside-down guitar. Read more

Future faces of Western

New beginnings tend to generate a wide array of feelings; fright, excitement and anxiety can be overwhelming, but they must be confronted. Read more

A look at London's farmers' markets

Warm weather means more going outside, why not spend some of that time exploring the farmers' markets London has to offer? Read more


Student Health Services: Funding and space to blame for long wait times

Long wait times at Student Health Services seem like a chronic problem. News editor Drishti Kataria looks into the reasons behind the delays and what can make things better in part one of this series.  Read more

March Madness tips off in Dayton

Sports editor Mike DeBoer was sent to Dayton, Ohio to cover the First Four of the 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Read more

Publish or Perish — and what it means for undergrads

It’s difficult to change something that’s been in place for decades, especially when this parameter of success has become almost second nature to researchers. Read more

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