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Culture editor Ellis Koifman reflects on the unexpectedly enlightening journey of his university experience as it comes to an end.

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It seems to me that there are ways of protesting that make it clear what you are protesting is the content of Peterson’s views not his right to express them.

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It is very important to be aware of what goes on around us, especially in the social and political sphere.

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It’s been more than three weeks since the Oscars, yet there is still much about the event th…

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Theatre Western is an incredible and important resource for students and campus at large.

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The choice to shape the larger London community is yours. I hope you embrace the opportunity.

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Western has pretty much always had a strong reputation for athletics. Mustangs teams have won 72 Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championships in the last 10 years, and many former Western athletes have gone on to compete at a high level after graduating.

As we continue to fight back against dark winter days... it is important to treat ourselves and others with compassion this winter season.

 By supporting a boycott of those who profit from that regime, the students of King’s would do nothing more — and nothing less — than stand up for human decency.

Arguing that Gazette's opinionated editorial is an attack on free speech and should not have been published is, ironically, the greater attack on free speech.

So, long may the “niceties,” the “little conformities,” and the “old civilities” continue to thrive at Western.

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