Shootouts are a cheap way to end a game, especially in team-oriented sports like soccer and hockey.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is a controversial topic on university campuses across North America. 

Award season is upon us but let's not get lost in the sauce of validation and approval. 

Outrage culture at universities is causing constructive discussion to be diminished and smal…

I support Trudeau and its not because he's "daddy".

This Liberal government has been a failure and a disappointment for both conservatives and liberals. Can we stop pretending otherwise? 

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Senate is one of the University’s most important bodies, for the simple reason that if you’ve ever taken a class at Western, some part of it has been governed by rules approved at Senate.

Amidst so much upsetting news and events reported in 2016, it can be easy to forgot that it held some very positive moments as well. 

To the Toronto student who brought an “Islam for Dummies” book to a house party to giggle at: I’ll happily tutor you myself.

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There’s this notion that staying friends with our exes is sadistic because it’ll make it harder to move on or it’ll leave us emotionally perplexed.

At the halfway mark of their term, The Gazette editorial board sat down to discuss the good and the bad of the Avila administration and what we think they should consider for the remainder of their term.

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