If the Gazette has taught me anything, it's that sometimes we all grow the most when we're challenged, when we're unafraid to explore uncomfortable subjects.

Having the opportunity to lead this newsroom is so far the proudest and most humbling experience of my life. 

Somewhere in the piles of briefs and stories I’d spent my year writing as a news volunteer, I’d found myself hopelessly and irreversibly hooked. 


The Western University budget is formally presented to Senate today, and I am perplexed and concerned.

Every year, when the Western community elects their next USC president and vice-president, t…

Without the Gazette, I’m certain my experience at Western would have been dull beyond measure.

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The Joe is set to be torn down after this season, in exchange for the glamorous new Little Caesars Arena. The change is much needed. But the memories of the Joe will live on.

It’s 2 a.m. on a Saturday night, and I’m nowhere near Richmond Row. No, instead, I write this to you as an episode of Friends plays on my friend’s computer — a friendship brought to us by virtue of the Gazette.

When I came to the Gazette three years ago, no one really looked like me. I jetted in and out of the office, speaking to my editor about my latest film review, then ran off to my next Kinesiology lecture. It wasn't until I saw a fellow Muslim woman that I thought this place could house me fo…

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