Flakiness runs rampant these days and has caused many of my friendships to suffer – and even end.

Every year, it seems like there are more and more clubs popping up. But sometimes it seems like they're no more than résumé fodder.

Freedom of speech.

I went to the USC meeting Wednesday night where they discussed programming for Reunion Weekend (the original HOCO date) — it was a mess.

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"Canada didn't just invent hockey. Hockey invented Canada."  Read more

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Course selection is a stressful time for a lot of students — Western's academic calendar needs a revamp to alleviate this stress. 

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Early last year, I applied on a whim to the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Now, somehow, I'm actually here. In goddamn Scotland. Like, the Scotland from Braveheart.


I think it's time to give up my bookworm badge, and I'm not happy about it.

A terrifying vision of my future flashed before my eyes: another basement-dwelling English major, purportedly “working on his novel,” with no idea how to function in the real world.

No matter what, do something, anything. Don’t do it for your resume, don’t do it to further your career, don’t do it to be liked by other people. Do it because it’s fun and you enjoy it.

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