The Western University budget is formally presented to Senate today, and I am perplexed and concerned.

  • Michelle Ampadu, Anudeep Sultania, Alafiya Shabir, Liam Wicken and Connor James

Many of the jobs involving simple tasks will be replaced by robots, and other, machines.  New skills will need to be embraced in order to prepare for the future.

It is very important to be aware of what goes on around us, especially in the social and political sphere.

It’s been more than three weeks since the Oscars, yet there is still much about the event th…

Theatre Western is an incredible and important resource for students and campus at large.

On Intentional Women's Week we need to acknowledge how colonialism and gender are linked in Canada.

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Although we put more effort in our romantic relationships, we need to explore how we deal with our the rise and dissolution of our friendships.

I have confidence that university will make me a stronger, smarter and better person that will allow me to make meaningful change in the world someday. 

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There’s this notion that staying friends with our exes is sadistic because it’ll make it harder to move on or it’ll leave us emotionally perplexed.

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Fidel Castro and the history of the Cuban situation is complex. The future of Cuba and its people is uncertain. What is plain and clear however is what Fidel Castro meant to revolutionaries all over the world.

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Between party slurs and taxi hails, you would hear an occasional clink as a toonie dropped into Paul Szuch’s Harley Davidson baseball cap.

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Throughout high school, I was that wide-eyed, eager-to-learn student, who told all her teachers how much she loved science and how much she wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

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