As clubs week continues in the Mustang Lounge this week, the groups have been uprooted from a communal space in order for the USC to house their associate and support staff.

At Western, there is a gender disparity in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies as w…

Susan Mumm has made a bold move and it's a step in the right direction for the university. 

This year’s budget shows special funding for previously ignored programs.

Should universities invest in companies that are perceived to be unethical? That’s the quest… Read more

Senate was supposed to vote on revisions that would require professors to provide an assessment to students worth 15 per cent of their final grade before the course drop deadline. But they never got to the voting stage.

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Who announces a major transit interruption on a Friday night with just a tweet? 

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Despite “free tuition” for some, Ontario students are in the unfortunate situation of paying the highest tuition in the country and simultaneously going to the lowest per student funded universities in the country.

Within 24 hours, two presidential slates dropped out of the University Students’ Council presidential election. First, Team MacMillan dropped out Thursday evening, followed by mel + twon the next morning. There was a collective sigh of disappointment at the loss of 40 per cent of the slates.

It's not that Western students don’t party — we do. But the school's current academic standards are rigorous. 

On Friday, The Gazette reported that thousands of second-year students’ personal information was made publicly available online.

The results of the study are dubious at best but the literature regarding the advantages of beauty is vast.