At the halfway mark of their term, The Gazette editorial board sat down to discuss the good and the bad of the Avila administration and what we think they should consider for the remainder of their term.

Western needs to value their residence staff and compensate them fairly for their hard work. 

Elizabeth May's objection to the F-A-R-T word was silly, but it's emblematic of our growing inability to listen to a person's full argument. 

USC candidates need to move beyond cliché platitudes — while style is undeniably important, substance should not be tossed aside.


This hurts. We’re in shock and disbelief, shocked by the surprise news this morning that Donald Trump clinched enough electoral votes to become the president-elect of the United States.


Reducing the level of regulations for taxis and Uber would be a welcome change for Western students. 

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As clubs week continues in the Mustang Lounge this week, the groups have been uprooted from a communal space in order for the USC to house their associate and support staff.

Senate was supposed to vote on revisions that would require professors to provide an assessment to students worth 15 per cent of their final grade before the course drop deadline. But they never got to the voting stage.

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