These organizations and their members do not belong at a march that is dedicated to protecting the rights of women, because they actively advocate to take women’s rights away.

If women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights, then we must ask: who counts as human?

We must work together to overcome the hate rhetoric perpetrated by President Trump and prove that love overpowers hate. 

When someone complains about political correctness, I hear someone complaining about respecting someone else’s humanity. 

There’s no evidence what the majority of the student body at King’s will even agree upon with respect to this referendum. 

Did we not just live through a decade of shortsighted (and poorly placed) bets on the oil sector at the expense of, notably, Ontario's manufacturing sector?

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If the outcome of the Ghomeshi trial has taught me one thing, it has taught me that to be a victim of sexual assault, you must remember all of the details, and you must be ready to admit every single encounter, and form of encounter, with your assailant.

If Western really wants to “be extraordinary,” the administration should set new standards for universities by acknowledging the problem.

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