I support Trudeau and its not because he's "daddy".

RE: Scot Topic: Empire state of mind

Our current figurehead monarch no longer deserves to be on our currency, especially since they probably cannot underwrite it.

  • Anastasia Lemon

With no hesitation I believe that my mental illness was used as a factor in a hiring decision for a volunteer position.

More than 450 students completed our survey, with an overwhelming 88 per cent in favour of the change.

  • A Western Student

If the outcome of the Ghomeshi trial has taught me one thing, it has taught me that to be a victim of sexual assault, you must remember all of the details, and you must be ready to admit every single encounter, and form of encounter, with your assailant.

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If Western really wants to “be extraordinary,” the administration should set new standards for universities by acknowledging the problem.

I am absolutely disturbed by the amount of discrimination I have experienced on campus and how the University responds to mental health crises.

Allow me to tell you about the people who benefit from CHRW. I’d love for you to tell me that each of these experiences isn’t worth $13.15 of your money.

Assumptions made in Iain Boekhoff's column about the origins or intent of the CHRW referendum motion are completely inaccurate.

A letter to the USC from former presidential candidate Melissa Peterson, who withdrew from the race on Friday.