The Gazette asked students in the UCC about their experiences during clubs' week. Here what they had to say.


Sydney Williams

"I’m actually a part of the executive team on Caribbean Students Organization. I’m the communications VP... I like interacting with different people, bringing them in, seeing who the new Caribbean people are and trying to integrate them into our club."

— Sydney Williams, BMOS II. 


Sonu Varghese

"I’ll probably join Western Indian Students' Association. I’m Indian and like they had pretty good events last year. And there’s a discounted price for all their events so that’s why I decided to join."

— Sonu Varghese, medical science II. 


Ben Tran

"I'm definitely joining Purple Spur because I love them. I did first year exec last year so I love it."

— Ben Tran, kinesiology II.   


Dalya Hussein 

"I just signed up for EDM and the Spur. I’m really big into EDM and I go to a lot of shows and festivals and stuff. And the Spur just looks like a lot of fun."

— Dalya Hussein, health science I.  


Anthony Guolla

"I'm looking for something social, something where I can meet people that are into the same things as me."

— Anthony Guolla, mechatronics II. 


Munema Moiz

"I’m looking more at religious clubs and then cultural clubs... but most members are undergraduates. They don't even know if as a graduate student I have to pay the fee."

— Munema Moiz, masters in occupational therapy.  

Amy is a second year English and Visual Arts student in Western's faculty of Arts and Humanities. This is her first year as a culture editor at the Gazette. For comments or feedback, email her at

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