The Gazette's Rundown is your daily campus briefing. Here are the top Western headlines you need to know as you start your day, in brief.

1. Theatre Western's A Chorus Line pulls out all the stops. The musical about passionate dancers looking to audition for a chorus line shines. The performers are strong and the mood in the theatre is vibrant. While the musical hits multiple beats, it manages to do them all well. The show still has tickets available for tonight and tomorrow. 

2. Reintroducing the extinct Atlantic salmon in Lake Ontario. Biology professor Bryan Neff received funding from the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada for his research. 

3. Councillor Josh Morgan argues London needs students. In an Op-Ed, Morgan argued that London needs innovators and forward-thinking young people who will drive change in the city. He writes:

"We need dreamers, thinkers and those willing to take action on issues like poverty, diversity, city building, economic growth and job creation." 

4. Martial arts sculptures on campus. When walking to catch the bus at Nat Sci, you may have noticed six wooden sculptures. Last Stand is inspired by Kung Fu and the importance of internal strength. 

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Bradley is the digital managing editor for Volume 110 of the Gazette. This is his fourth year on the editorial board, previously working in Opinions, Sports, and Culture. He's a recent graduate with a degree in Canadian-American relations.

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