The Gazette's Rundown is your daily campus briefing. Here are the top Western headlines you need to know as you start your day, in brief.

1. All appeals against Team Tobi dismissed. After a three-hour hearing on Tuesday night, the Appeals Board immediately threw out five of six appeals. The final appeal was dismissed after less than three hours of deliberation. The Appeals Board may take up to two weeks to release their explanations of their judgment. 

2. Uber is here to stay. Students and Uber drivers alike can breathe a sigh of relief this morning because London's city council voted 7-6 to keep Uber in London during a council meeting Tuesday afternoon. The ride-sharing app had announced they would leave the city if the council voted to mandate cameras in their vehicles.

3. London Community Players revive Raisin in the Sun. Two Western students are among the cast of Raisin in the Sun, on stage now at the Palace Theatre until Feb. 19. The show follows how a family in Chicago's South Side changes after a death in the family leaves them with insurance money.

Katie is the Print Managing Editor for volume 110 of The Gazette. Previously, she was a news editor for volumes 109 and 108 of The Gazette and a staff writer for volume 107.

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The foolishness of council is astounding. Cameras are the best way we have to provide security to riders and drivers alike and based the "reported cases" of the evil doers, we most certainly need them.
In the bigger picture we have to ask ourselves, with the very rare exception, "why is Uber able to bully our lawmakers across the country"? There is more going on here than $100. for a camera considering a driver already has their car in the game.
Ubers' lust & greed of money is well documented. Who is being missed in this discussion?

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