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The Gazette is a training ground for future journalists and any student at Western can contribute — no experience necessary!

We offer hands on experience to writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and videographers. We also make available many opportunites to enhance your knowledge and skills. We often bring in alumni and professional journalists from all of Canada's print media outlets to speak to editors and staff. We also have online courses through Poynter and books on just about every aspect of print and digital journalism available to any staff member.

For writers and editors, take time to read — and refer back to frequently — the The Gazette Style Guide, which is adapted from the Canadian Press Stylebook and includes information on what CP Style is, common mistakes and a quick guide to frequently used terms specific to the Gazette. If you have any questions about style or writing, talk to your section editor, the copy editor or a member of front office.

The biggest component of the training we offer is experience and mentorship, including through the winter internship program. The more you contribute, the more you improve and have access to feedback and advice from editors. If you're interested in learning more about the Gazette, journalism and how it all comes together, visit the Gazette office to get started.