The much-awaited hot air balloon which was grounded without a single flight on the Fall Festival at original Homecoming due to weather is back on Tuesday.

People who may have waited in line at the festival can redeem their vouchers today and ride the balloon. The balloon will be on UC Hill from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and students who don't have a voucher may line up early as well. 

The Fall Festival was organized in collaboration by the USC and Western Housing to provide alternative programming on the first Homecoming weekend. 

USC President Eddy Avila told The Gazette on the Oct. 1 weekend that the hot air balloon would return at a later date but wasn't sure when. It was assumed that this might be like one of those rained out O-Week concerts no one hears back about — but the USC (and Housing) has delivered with the hot air balloons.

Update (Oct. 18, 9:55 a.m.): The hot air balloon has been grounded today due to weather conditions but may show up again soon

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It would have been really nice to find out about this more than an hour before this event. I tweeted the USC a few days ago asking when it'd be and they didn't respond. :(

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