• Wendy Wow, London Native

“The most obvious and cost-effective solution is to barricade them in.”

  • Dick Tater, Geriatric

Western's athletic department announced at an empty press conference the signing of seven-year-old Peyton Brady on Wednesday evening.

  • Orphelia Nutz, Waiting on Green Card

The motion also calls for a three-course meal at each council meeting, with a request to not have it catered by the Wave.

  • Sally Sports, Sportster

For most men, watching a volleyball game can be a heavenly and arguably enchanting experience. But for others, it’s an indication of something gravely wrong in our society.

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  • Albee Fuctifino, Douchebag

Scientists are now speculating that the condition known colloquially as “being a raging douche” might be a symptom of the environment.

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  • Mike Hunt, Elevator Technician

Western USC executives will be on a whole new level for the 2016–17 school year. Read more

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  • Amit Trump, High Roller

The rise of the Donald in the United States has highlighted many of Western’s own problems on its campus. Illegal immigration, birth control, gun rights and lax punishments are all rampant at this university. In keeping with the inspirational Trump's manifesto, I detail a plan through which …

  • Lance Armstrong, Cyclist

John Basic, a first-year entitlement studies student, isn’t happy with the proposed route of the Hyperloop.

Ever wonder how "Netflix and chill" became slang for hooking up? Here's the evolution of catchphrase.

This past year, we have been bestowed some particularly lovely sex scenes. Here are six scenes that I found particularly arresting

Sometimes people don't realize just how common masturbation really is. As society progresses to be more open, there still seems to be a stigma attached to sexuality, especially in reference to masturbation.

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