• Paolo Zinatelli

I had wanted to be a journalist since I was a kid (although I had also wanted to be, in no particular order, an architect, city planner, lawyer, teacher and Harriet the Spy). 

  • Aaron Wherry

My four years in that newsroom, and around the people who gathered there, was a ridiculously good education. And I say that not only because I spent significantly more time in that newsroom than in the classes I was nominally at Western to attend.

  • Kaleigh Rogers

Don’t tell my professors this, but I learned more about journalism at the Gazette than I ever did in journalism school.

  • Nicole McAdam

The Gazette was housed in a trailer when I joined.

  • Emmett Macfarlane

At the Gazette, we strove to be informative, entertaining, and irreverent.

  • Stuart Thompson

After six years working at national newspapers, I've seen how reporting and editing in a student newsroom is the same as reporting and editing in a national newspaper. In many ways, it's better.

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  • Paul Wells

For the ones who didn’t escape, life at the Gazette quickly expanded to fill available space and time. I was at the paper’s office for twice as many hours in a week as I was in any lecture hall or tutorial.

  • Jim Rankin

When I arrived at Western 32 years ago this fall, the plan was to continue on a path to medical school by starting with a bachelor of science in biology.

  • Scott Colby

I fell in love with the Gazette, every aspect of it. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was, how important it felt, and how amazing — and talented — the other volunteers were.

  • John McKenna

I remember being in a circle with former Gazette luminaries, drinking beer and listening enthralled to their stories about how they made it to the Toronto Star, to the Globe and Mail and about their triumphs at the student newspaper.

  • Joan Barfoot

But it was at the Gazette where I learned how — and this has probably been both most useful and most troublesome in subsequent years — to balk at authority.

  • Susan Delacourt

A wise editor once told me that people who work for a student newspaper will spend their careers trying to recreate the life they had during that first, heady plunge into journalism. 

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