• Saredo Mohamed, Contributor

Welcome to the 2017 Black History Month Issue. 

  • Alisha Muchemi, Contributor

Race is only a social marker in heterogenous societies and it may be a reason why Africans separate themselves with Westernized blackness.

  • Keyanna Drakes, Contributor

Saying you have an 'inner black woman' isn't a positive thing. You should probably consider this the next time you think it's funny. 

  • Saredo Mohamed, Contributor

Need some new words to add to your eclectic dictionary. Look no further, fam.

Being black and nerdy is a culture of unity.

  • Nabih Amir Suleiman, Contributor

Only black people have claim to the n-word. Just accept it. 

  • Dika Ojiakor, BHM Editor

Black Lives Matter TO interrupted last year's pride parade to much dismay, but this has us thinking: is there ever a right time to protest?

Recent articles

  • Yael Kidane, Contributor

When you're Canadian but have roots somewhere else, it's difficult to know where you're really from. 

  • R.A. Robinson and Jonathan Hermina, Contributors

Your race is a part of your mental health. If we realize this we can help each other on our path to better tomorrows.