Despite the lack of a snowboard team at Western, or of a good ski resort in the London area, Andrew Hildebrand has managed to keep up with his training throughout his time at Western. He will be one of four Western athletes to represent Western at the Universiade in Kazakhstan later this month. 

Fourth-year Zenon Sirko learned lacrosse over the summer and made the Mustangs team as a goalie.

Robin Bone is the only pole vaulter in Canada to compete with a helmet, but she refuses to let the extra equipment get in the way of her Olympic dreams.

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There are dozens of varsity teams at Western, but many sports have short seasons that end after only a couple of months. Here's a look into what it's like for six varsity teams in their respective off-seasons. 

For many Canadians, playing hockey is simply a way of life.

At 32 years of age, Andy Fantuz's football career is coming to an end. Throughout his life, Fantuz has been a transformative star, breaking records en route to a historic career.

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It's Stacey Scott's fifth year playing for the Mustangs; making this year's Nationals the last time she we play with her friends as a team.

Jack Sheffar was one of the top runners at Western in his first season in August. But by the end of September, his ranking dropped to the rock bottom of Western's cross country roster and he couldn't finish his track season. Then, he planned his comeback.

Fourth-year scholar's elective and health sciences student Nicola Paviglianiti is passionate about powerlifting and uplifting her fellow colleagues. 

As intramural coordinator, Guy Schultz is in charge of training athletes, hiring employees and more, but he also coaches cross country.

Western alumnus Pete McLeod has been a professional air racer in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship since 2009. 

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